Demand from Asian countries, OGAWA's technology can make it possible OGAWA's technology can respond to any demand from Asia.

Prosperity in Thailand based on the know-how in Japan

As many Japanese companies opened branches overseas, and the needs from the local, in 1995 in Chonburi, Thailand, OGAWA KOGYO opened a branch and a factory which has the same process and facilities as a head office. After then, it grew smoothly. Since 2003, wefve expanded the factory to increase the production capacity almost double. In this factory, wefve pursued to have more efficiency based on the know-how and the technologies developed in Japan. We provide the high quality goods not only in Thailand but around Asia. Moreover, the environmental matter is also an important task in our Thai branch and factory. We study the local laws and regulations and respect manners and customs. Then, we afford to make the reliable environment and atmosphere that all the staffs including the local staffs can peacefully work and live.

  • Main gate at the factory in Thailand
    £Main gate at the factory in Thailand
  • First factory
    £First factory
  • First factory-planting area
    £First factory-planting area
  • First building-office
    £First building-office
  • Waste water disposal area
    £Waste water disposal area
  • First factory-molding area
    £First factory-molding area