Environmental Efforts - Environment

Technical skills for various surface works

We provide various surface works such as chrome, dart, semi-glossy planting, part planting and etc as requested. Especially, we have been providing a plastic planting for some years. We have achieved high level and aim for the further improvement of technology as a market leader. For our main product, radiator grille, ghighly brilliant glossh to express the exclusiveness is demanded. We are developing higher surface technology to increase the brilliance. Furthermore, we correspond to the variety of coating such as gbrilliant-shiny-glossyh or gdark-matth, which requires the elaborate colors suitable for each car.

Recover drained water and keep the environment clean

We have been studied the environmental matter for some years and have understood that to live healthy is essentially a purpose of working and life. We afford to maintain the clean environment where all our staffs and the people living around can peacefully work and live. In the factory, gautomatic drain recovery equipmenth is installed. With its equipment, the harmful substance is removed and the drained water is clearly recovered again. Naturally, we also minimize the rest of harmful influences such as CO2. We try to save energy and recycle to keep the environment clean.