Production facility

Process Equipment Possession
Molding Injection machine (50t - 1,600t) 17 machines
Palating Class A automatic plating equipment (ABS-PC/ABS) 2 line
Class S automatic plating equipment 1 line
Waste water treatment equipment 2 line
Coating Paint equipment (flush and oil type) 10 booths
Paiting robots 3 line

Test equipment

Equipment Point to be checked
Plating film-thichness-measurement machine Plating film thickness
Salt water atomizing and the CAS KORODO testing machine Perishing proof
Heat cycle testing machine Plating adhesion
Spectrum photometer Planting liquid analysis
Magnetic type paint film thichness meter Paint film thichness
Waterproof equipment Paint adhesion
Electron microscope Super-expansion observation
Optical microscope Expansion observation
Moisture measuring instrument The rate of water