Basic policy for protecting personal information
We define all information that can distinguish an individual as personal information.
About the collection purpose of the personal information and a use range and deletion / a correction
When I collect personal information, we notify you of a collection purpose / usage and a consultation window beforehand and will collect personal information only in a necessary range. I use it only in the range that obtained its consent in the case of collection in the use and do not do the use out of a purpose. In addition, a revision updates personal information offered by people or we delete it when it is hoped for (for example, they change an address change / a full name of it) and the deletion of the personal information when personal information of people changes.
About the disclosure of the personal information
We do not do an offer / disclosure to the third person without the consent of the informant by personal information. In addition, as for the imposition, the thing of appropriate management, I perform it by a contract when I entrust the third person with handling of personal information duties not to perform the leak of the personal information or a re-offer.
About legal compliance and the continuous improvement of the personal information regime
We observe laws and ordinances / a model applied about personal information to hold it and I review an action in each above clause appropriately and am improved. In addition, when there is a request from a court of law, the police, consumer center or an engine having approved authority in other laws or the regulations, there is the thing that I accept this and will disclose personal information.

October 19, 2004