Process control


The technology of high accurate plastic forming can be applied for various products.

The material including high polymer material that is mainly used is strictly selected to suit for each product. We have the injection formers with the capacity of under 100t, 350t, 650t, 850t, 1300t and 1600t, and a high accurate industrial robot for mass production. Thus the plastic product range is various.

  • Section of formation
    £Section of formation
  • Injection moldingi1,600tj
    £Injection moldingi1,600tj
  • Injection moldingi1,300tj
    £Injection moldingi1,300tj


Providing high technology and knowledge as a pioneer of plastic plating

OGAWA KOGYO has developed the plastic plating as a pioneer in this industry. As the parts for automobile become lighter and lighter, the demand of plastic plating becomes more and more. The plastic plating should harmonize with the color of the body which is made from metal. We provide the high quality plastic plating based on our rich experiences and know-how as a pioneer and an expert. We also offer decorative plating and functional plating. We care not only for the equality of plating but also for the functional possibility.

  • S grade of the planting line
    £S grade of the planting line
  • A grade of the planting line
    £A grade of the planting line


Speedy and stable plating by high performance robot

After plating, the products are coated by blowing. There are maximum 3 processes for coating, i.e. base coating and drying, coating and drying, and top coating. These coating works are also done by a robot. Thus we can provide stable quality. Needless to say, even the complicated structured parts can be coated equally by using this system. The completed products look very beautiful and raise the productsf values.

  • Planting robots
    £Planting robots
  • Planting robots
    £Planting robots


Final inspection
Check if it is worth selling in the market

After plating or coating/drying process, the products go to assembled process and they are finished. In this process, this is the most strain process. The finished products are very precisely checked. The inspections such as color of plating, equality of coating, forming are done again and again. And only the satisfied products are finally ready to sell in the market. Under the thorough control of delivery time, only the quality guaranteed products are promptly and safely delivered to the customer.

  • assembling